Monday, 22 October 2007

IT at Bodlondeb Residential Home, Penparcau

Since about June time, Chloe and I have been visiting Bodlondeb Residential Home here in Penparcau. We haven't spoken on this blog before about our visits there because we were unsure if our offer of IT lessons would be picked up. Thankfully one lady did take us up on the offer - Mrs. Jeremiah. She's been coming faithfully to our lessons every Wednesday, because she wanted to learn how to email. Mrs. Jeremiah had never sat in front of a keyboard/typewriter before, so we had to start with the basics. We are very proud to say that she has progressed wonderfully. So much so Mrs. Jeremiah's son has installed a computer in her room! What makes it even more wonderfully is that a few week ago Mrs. Jeremiah celebrated her birthday - she is now 91 years young! She can email her family with confidence and under our guidance has been able surf the Internet for knitting patterns and newspaper web sites.
But the good new doesn't end there - Mrs. Jeremiah is now working towards creating a digital story/film - a virtual tour of Bodlondeb Residential Home. Once finished we hope that it can be shown to prospective residents of the Home, so that they have a feel of the place before settling in.
We are also pleased to say that other residents are starting to show interest in learning about IT, with two new residents starting the course.