Wednesday, 9 January 2008

In the 'Cambrian News'!

We were over the moon to see this weeks 'Cambrian News'. There on page 14 is an article about how well one of our project users is doing - Mrs. Marjorie Jeremiah. We've mentioned her before on this blog and how brilliant she is at emailing. It's wonderful that more people now know of her success. She's working very hard with us at the moment, making a film about Bodlondeb. Next week we hope to start recording her script that accompanies the film. Once completed this film will be put on Bodlondeb's blog site and also onto DVD, so that it can be show to prospective residents of the Home.

Other news: Clwb 50+ Club met yesterday with us, to continue work on their film. Sadly half the members were down with this nasty flu like bug. We wish them all a speedy recovery. The other members did a little editing and opening title and end credit sequences. Also they made a start with their script, by recording two audio segments. Sadly their blog site has been a little neglected, so we may do some work on it at the next session.