Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Second film - Bug Hunting!!

Yesterday Chloe and I had another fantastic morning at the Out of School Club. This time we worked with Carys, Chris, Phoebe, Sophie and Adam and were able to produce another film - this time about Bug Hunting.The children made a story board for their film and then scripted it. While I was with that part of the group, Chloe took Carys and Chris to show them how to use the camera. Carys became quite the expert by the end of the film. Everyone had a great time making the film and in the afternoon Chloe and I edited it into a 2 minute film.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

First film done by one of the groups.

We are really very excited here at CAP, because one of our groups has done some filming. Two members of the Out of School have shot a short interview style film. The footage is being edited at the moment using Windows Movie Maker. We decided to use that piece of software because it's usually on computers running Windows XP and would be most readily available to most people. As soon as the editing has finished and permissions given, the group will post the film onto YouTube. We will also be finding out how to embed it directly into the Out of School blog site. This has been a major step forward - something the members of the club should be proud of and it proves that they are more than capable of producing their own material. Well done Out of School Club!

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Film Making @ CAP

This week Chloe and I have been learning how to shoot and edit films - this was something both of us were looking forward to , as we'll then be able to pass this information onto the other groups. We both shot footage of each other making and enjoying a smoothie. Yesterday we were doing the film editing using Microsoft Movie Maker. Today we'll be showing our finish products to our tutor, so that he can advise us on how to improve things. Once we're happy with the finished films we'll have a go at putting them on this blog.